cinema nabobs, scriptwriters, producers ~ take note:

Cinema Photo Graphie explores uncharted

  • narrative strategies and tactics
  • mythemes  and poesies
  • epistemes and epiphanies

for transcending blockbuster viewing fatigue caused by films so loud you cannot hear them, so extravagantly derivative they seem utterly rudderless, so blithely homicidal they appear buffoonish.

After all, how long has it been since you’ve been seduced by

untitled (518)

  • an unusually outré masterwork of deconstructive jujitsu

untitled (517)

  • a script as vibrantly idiosyncratic as the confessions of an abandoned cigar, a romantic evening with an asterisk, the dream lives of buildings


  • a poesie that transports you to another dimension, as if through dark pines you behold elves traipsing through a light-dappled forest


  • an apparition with an atmospheric investment in all that flickers, evanesces, and glows



  • a display of puppetry that masks dark, roiling storms of Transylvanian grandeur


  • an ugly water nymph convinced that Jupiter is in love with her


  • pairs of divinities in Tantric union, their two thousand arms flailing in ecstatic, wristy gestures performed at full-universe scale


  • a spectacle that haunts by virtue of having no obvious compositional logic


  • a grotesquerie of wide-eyed love dolls talking selfies in the snow


  • a monk and a magical monkey traveling from China to India in search of the Awakened One


  • a series of experiments with accident-prone processes

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