Love and Gravitas


Just survived INTERSTELLER, the new Christopher Nolan survival epic. It makes the point that many meditators and lovers experience: that love/consciousness seems intimately intertwined with physical forces (in the film, with gravity). Actually the foundation of sankhya/yoga philosophy/experience is that love/consciousness is ontologically prior to space/time and transcends space/time — giving rise to all of the physical universe. Whether or not this is true can be verified only by those who transcend regularly. They will find that at least it is true subjectively. The love intoxicated know that the Beloved is not separate. Lovers simply drown in the infinity of that Beloved. What CANNOT be found in that state is time or space or ego or mind or the objects of the senses. These simply cease to appear within that state of ultimate, radical self-abandonment and intimacy but can be seen emerging as waves within that ocean of consciousness. Noland and crew paint that state as beyond time, but as a kind of cosmic neo-Cubist nightmare rife with a sense of separation. Cubism has long been employed in the service of those attempting to represent co-existent realities (conscious/unconscious). A more sattvic approach might have invoked a more Rivendell-esque aesthetic, but that would have broken character: the character of a universe in which we view physicists and epicists, rather than mystics and haiku masters, as the custodians of ultimate truth. Ultimately, the film fails to remind us that if we must leave this planet, it is only because we have not learned how to simply be here simply, though ample models for doing so beckon before our eyes. If we do not learn how to be here first, and simply jump ship and scurry somewhere else, as if we could actually zip through wormholes without spaghettifying ourselves, we can never really be anywhere else, either.

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